Here the best Tulsa weight loss clinic in Oklahoma, we company does not contribute to weight bias. Although it is often times subconscious, many people today are bias when it comes to weight and weight loss. What works for one person may not work for another and we are all built and made to be different. Two people could have the same diet and exercise plan you will never look the same. This does not mean one is healthier than the other.

Dr. Gregory Schmidt the best Tulsa weight loss center understands that some people may need more assistance or help and others in their weight loss journey instead of being weight bias. People are too quick to have a negative attitude towards weight in general creating simple small minded beliefs, assumptions, and judgments towards overweight and obese individuals, too quickly. Overweight and obese people are often just viewed to be unhealthy due to their unhealthy lifestyle and not seem to be a victim of any kind. It is often assumed that they have inflicted their weight issues on themselves. In other words, it is their fault that they are the way they are.

Although, the best Tulsa weight loss facility knows this is not always the case and cares to understand each individual’s case. It is never as simple as people make it sound by saying eat less or exercise more. Everyone gains loses and holds weight differently from one another. Someone who appears smaller or skinnier than another person is automatically assumed to be held here when in reality they may not have a healthier lifestyle. As I mentioned earlier these two individuals could be on the same plan yet look completely different on the outside. It is not fair to me peace health bias assumptions by looking at people in so quickly writing them off.

Dr. Schmidt knows that it is more difficult for some people to lose weight compared to others. Therefore he has a specialized plan for each of his patients. He will always encourage a healthy diet and exercise plan but also implements another method if someone is struggling to reach their goals focusing on only diet and exercise. It is not always as simple as diet and exercise alone. Therefore Dr. Schmidt will prescribe two different weight management medications to those who need it word benefit from it. He’s medications have helped his clients lose the stubborn weight but they have obsessed over for many years yet no diet or exercise program seemed to help.

Many patients describe these prescriptions as the missing piece to their weight loss puzzle. They saw and see new possibilities with this medication. This gives them more motivation to live a healthy life instead of giving up because they are not seeing the results they want. If you would like to see the results you have been wanting that you should visit Dr. Gregory Schmidt at Woodland Hills Weight Loss. To get in touch with the clinic please visit or call 918-252-0555 to speak with a team member.

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The best Tulsa weight loss facility, Woodland Hills Weight Loss, there is no weight stigma unlike the outside world. Dr. Gregory Schmidt treats everyone the same no matter their way. He is also eager to help his patients get to where they want to be. Weight stigma and weight bias is so prevalent in today’s society. mAny people do not even realize that they are blinded by it. People often have a weight stigma without being consciously aware of it as they are bias towards individuals because of their weight or size. They tend to be biased to overweight or obese people because there are negative ideas associated with being overweight.

Here at the best Tulsa weight loss clinic Dr. Schmidt and his team realize being overweight or obese is rarely if ever, someone’s choice. It is fixable or at least manageable though and he is ready to help. Dr. Schmidt has methods that will motivate you unlike the defeating effects weight bias and weight stigma inflict today. For example, if someone is already thought of as lazy they will often shut down instead of trying to prove something. It is hard to reverse an idea that is already in someone’s mind. Someone who appears to be slender would not have this idea about them yet they may be a couch potato. Someone who appears to be overweight may work out relentlessly yet be thought of as lazy and active which is definitely not motivating for anyone. This may cause someone to give up and just accept that they are overweight or obese instead of continuing to fight for their health.

The best Tulsa weight loss program believes we need to remain encouraging instead of dragging others down. We often do this without being aware that we are contributing to weight stigma therefore it is also important we become more self-aware.
There is weight stigma and pretty much every environment we exist in such as an education, the workplace personal relationships, healthcare, and of course, the media. To start, weight discrimination is especially noticeable in the workforce. Men and women who are overweight or obese or not treated with the same respect as others. From the interview process to salary contracts to promotion’s, it is hard to deny the weight bias here.

It is more difficult for people who are overweight to get a job, get a promotion, and to keep a job. Often times they are automatically thought of as less than others due to their weight. It is not right or fair that someone’s outer appearance can affect their life in such big ways without even knowing who they are inside and what they are capable of. Overweight or obese people are so quick to be judged, doubted or dismissed.

The world has a lot of work to do on our outlooks as we need to be more accepting human beings. You should never change or want to change per others but it should be for you. If your health is being affected by your weights talk to Dr. Schmidt by calling 918-252-0555 or visit to learn more about his program.