The media is especially hard on overweight or obese people. Although the top Tulsa weight loss clinic, Woodland Hills Weight Loss is not. Dr. Gregory Schmidt is here to help you take control of your body and your life. You will not be presented with a typical weight loss program here but instead a custom crafted plan works custom for you.

Here at the top Tulsa weight loss center, we do not engage in or screen any weight bias TV content. The media is cruel and the ways they portray overweight people. From children’s shows, to movies shown in theaters, to reality television, there are so many weight bias and stigmas. For example, many Disney or Nickelodeon shows feature overweight actors/characters in them. Although some of these characters are considered main characters, they are not treated the same as other main characters. Often times they are the goofy one, the butt of a joke, or the friend feel bad for so they let hang around. Meanwhile, the smaller characters are either the star basketball player, the star cheerleader, the popular person at school, these are the characters viewers are supposed to see as attractive.

The top Tulsa weight loss facility finds this to be unfair. These shows have trained a lot of people’s brains from an early age to have these subconscious assumptions and ideas. The skinny, attractive, ‘hot shots’ are there to keep the readers attention and dream over while the overweight characters are often used for comedic relief. They often have fewer friends or romantic prospects. This subconsciously gives viewers the idea that they should not engage with overweight people in a friendly or romantic way. Reality TV is a great example as well; the biggest loser allows people to sit on the couch and watch overweight people fight to lose weight. Fevers will see the fit and muscular fitness coaches screaming at the contestants. It comes off as demeaning.

On a different reality TV show, a group of women or men compete for a single woman or man it is called the bachelor or bachelorette. For this show, you see many fit and ‘attractive people on here. They also have a bachelor/bachelorette show that consist of specifically overweight people basically creating a separate category for the two weight groups. The show that features the overweight individuals has far less viewers, even more failing in the message to viewers and the contestants that they are not good enough. These shows are also telling fear is that you should only partner with someone your weight category; The people should be the people overweight people should be with overweight people.

The media has in a way, dehumanized overweight and obese people. The medium viewers as well have become so shallow, only valuing outer appearances. Dr. Schmidt believes in and values his patients though. Join his program at Woodland Hills Weight Loss today to begin the best training of your life. Visit his website at or call 918-252-0555 to make an appointment.

Can You Afford Top Tulsa Weight Loss?

The top Tulsa weight loss facility, Woodland Hills Weight Loss will help you achieve the results you want in a safe healthy and sustainable way. Dr. Gregory Schmidt has many years of experience in many success stories. He will help you re-create a lifestyle will work for you long-term as well as keep you healthy. It is all about finding what works for you and your life as everyone has different needs and wants. It has to be realistic for you specifically which many programs are not. Many weight loss programs are a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The top Tulsa weight loss clinic recognizes that all weight loss programs are not safe healthy or sustainable. For example, the reality TV show, the biggest loser. Contestants begin the show by going to a ranch in California where they will spend weeks with fitness coaches and dietitians. Throughout the weeks here, they will do extensive exercise and competitions, facing off with one another to see which contestant can lose the most weight. The show sends the wrong message to viewers regarding how quickly and safely you can lose weight.

Also, here at the top Tulsa Weight Loss Ctr., Doctor Schmidt will be sure to check in on you and your progress even after you reach your goals. On the show the biggest loser, there is no evidence that they check in on their former contestants. They immediately go into the next season without showing where contestants from previous seasons are now. If there prior contestants were still making improvements in living a healthy lifestyle why would they not want to share that motivating message? Many previous contestants do not follow through or keep the weight off once they return from the show because it is not a sustainable program.

It is more convenient to do so when you have a fitness trainer in front of you telling you what to do motivating you through the exercises. Also easier to eat healthy a chef make for you and someone watching you. There are also no other food options available so even if you have cravings, there is now temptations. Also, it is easier to stay on track when you have people around you living the same rights and lifestyle. The competition aspect also helps keep people motivated. Whoever loses the most weight wins a cash price which is enough to keep many people from breaking.

As you can see, the biggest loser program is not sustainable long-term. These contestants are in a controlled environment while they are on the show. Then, once the show is over they go home with no plan or regimen, no trainer, nutritionist, and no chef. Therefore many of them resort back to the same lifestyle as that is their normal and what they know at home. Dr. Schmidt provides his patients with a weight management plan that allows his patients to create a new lifestyle. If you want a sustainable weight loss solution then call 918-252-0555 or visit Woodland Hills Weight Loss website at for additional information.