Dr. Gregory Schmidt at the top Tulsa Weight Loss Ctr., Woodland Hills Weight Loss is here to help you lose your post marriage weight. He is well experienced in this field and wants to help women keep or get back to the body they had. Marriage is a lot of fun for many couples as they experience new things together some of these things being new food whether it be in a foreign place to them or a family recipe they want to enjoy making and eating together. Food can become a big part of any relationship in general which is okay if it is in a healthy way but often times, it is not.

This top Tulsa weight loss clinic recognizes that weight often comes along with marriage. This is especially true for women. They spend months and months getting in their best shape for the best day of their life, their wedding. Afterwards, they made it a little relief After months of restricting and dieting. Many people find this relief in food or as some call it, stress eating. In other circumstances, weight gain may occur after marriage due to getting comfortable. Before marriage so many young women are focused on looking their best in order to find the man of their dreams.

Woodland Hills Weight Loss, the top Tulsa weight loss facility, has spoken to many women who can agree with this. Once they have found their partner and are married for life, they or anyone really, feels a sense of relief. Many people also travel after getting married. Travel often consist of trying different foods or restaurants in the area. Food and drinks as well are often looked at or used as a celebration. Being married is a fun and lovely new adventure and while many are enjoying this new adventure, waking can easily sneak up on you. In Different circumstances, couples who just got married may want to just stay home and relax for a while now that things have slowed down after wedding preparation months.

Here, this couple may enjoy staying in and watching Netflix during their down time instead of being on the go. Again, weight gain can also come along with this lifestyle if you are not careful. Women can also struggle to adapt to a new lifestyle after being married as she is now living with a man. Often times men and women have different eating patterns; men often eat more than women and have different tastes in food. This can make it tricky for a woman to understand her portion size versus her husband and what is good for her versus him.

As mentioned, exploring food with your new partner can be such a fun and exciting part of a relationship and marriage. Although, the honeymoon stage often after one or the other, or both partners, begin to gain weight. The partners tend to not be as happy with one another which may stem from feelings of guilt, insecurity, resentments, etc. Dr. Schmidt is here to help get you and your marriage back. Visit his website at www.woodlandhillsweightloss.com or call the clinic at 918-252-0555.

What All Gets Offered With The Top Tulsa Weight Loss?

The top Tulsa weight loss facility, Woodland Hills Weight Loss is run by Dr. Gregory Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt was owned and operated this clinic for over 30 years and then in this line of work for over 40. He chose to open a women’s only weight management facility because he specializes in this area. Dr. Schmidt recognizes that a woman’s weight loss journey is different than men’s for many reasons. He has helped many women regain their confidence in themselves and their marriage. Take control of your life today!

Here at the top Tulsa weight loss center in Oklahoma Dr. Schmidt and his team are aware of the impact weight gain and weight in general can have on a relationship and especially, a marriage. After marriage, people gain weight for many reasons such as they want to celebrate their marriage, they feel comfortable in their marriage, or they may feel lonely in their marriage. Many people look to food or beverages for this. Indulging may bring short-term happiness or comfort but marriages often struggle or decline once weight gain begins to occur.

Woodland Hills Weight Loss, the top Tulsa weight loss clinic helps women through their weight concerns even in relation to their marriage. A marriage may be affected for many reasons such as one partner feels guilty as they have gained weight while the other partner has not where they may feel resentful feeling as if their partner contributed to their weight gain. Either way, feeling this way is ultimately going to cause strain in any marriage. As each partner grows frustrated in their own way and for their own reasons, unpleasant conversations or even unkind comments may be said in the heat of the moment. Comments meant to be helpful such as “maybe we should try this diet or this workout program” can be extremely damaging and make someone uncomfortable and insecure in their marriage.

As someone feels uncomfortable and insecure, this may lead to more distance between two partners. As one partner feels shameful after such comments or conversations, they may distance themselves in order to avoid feeling rejected again. For example, one partner may begin to change clothes privately when they did not before. As this begins to occur, it is likely that the intimate relationship between the partners will decline. Such conversations may also cause one to turn towards food or unhealthy habits as they feel sad and lonely. Embarrassed, these actions will often be done in private to avoid judgment but this only creates more distance between a couple.

As this behavior progresses the unhealthy amount of space in the relationship becomes more and more apparent. Husbands and wives can often times begin to feel like roommates in these scenarios. It is difficult to get back to where a relationship was if the issue at hand is still present. Therefore take control of your life and your marriage and call Woodland Hills Weight Loss at 918-252-0555 or visit www.woodlandhillsweightloss.com to learn more about Dr. Schmidt and his clinic.