At the top Tulsa weight loss program run by Dr. Gregory Schmidt you will not be stigmatized for your weight here as you would in other healthcare environments. Dr. Schmidt respects the willpower it took to seek help. He strives to diminish weight stigmas and weight biases as we should respect everyone a matter where they are in life or in their journey. Even more so, He supports your drive to take care of and improve your health. Doing so is brave will be worth the journey once you cross the finish line.

You will be accepted and comfortable here at the top Tulsa weight loss facility Woodland Hills Weight Loss! Although weight stigmas and biases exist most environments today, they are especially apparent in the media. In fact, Through the years they only seem to be increasingly shown in our media. You cannot escape seeing this type of discrimination today as it is shown in children shows, movies, reality TV and, and so on. Children shows such as winnie the pooh, often show overweight characters to be clumsy, ditzy, or lonely with few friends. They definitely never seem to be the popular cool character in the show. This is a recurring theme in the media.

The top Tulsa weight loss clinic is not looking to change you but looking to improve your health. In no way does Woodland Hills Weight Loss contribute to or support the use stigmas and biases. Aside from children’s shows, weight prejudice also exists in other TV shows and movies. It seems that were skinny or even underweight actresses are promoted much more than overweight or even normal weight actresses are. Hardly ever is an overweight or obese actor actress featured as the main character. In certain times they are, it is often a comedy which only adds to the stigma that being overweight should be laughed at and made fun of.

These type of shows and movies and force the wrong ideas in it becomes normalized without people even noticing that that is what is happening. In school, the overweight kid in the class often times becomes the class clown. Many times this child has been bullied or made fun of for years. Eventually, this individual may feel like they’re only way to fit in is to join in. Allowing the stigma to become their identity is harmful as it is but specially to a child; They are accepting that they are just going to be overweight or obese. This is not something to settle for especially as a young kid because it can drastically affect one’s health.

Being overweight or obese comes with many health risks like heart complications, strokes, sleep issues, organ failure, different types of cancer, and so on. It is best to avoid it if possible. That is why it Dr. Gregory Schmidt is here for. He saves people’s lives by helping them reach a healthy and attainable way. Get in contact with Woodland Hills Weight Loss and Dr. Schmidt by visiting or calling 918-252-0555.

Why Is It Important To Get The Top Tulsa Weight Loss?

The top Tulsa weight loss clinic, Woodland Hills Weight Loss, understands the psychological stress of being overweight or obese. Women especially struggle with this. It is convenient that Woodland Hills Weight Loss is a women’s only program run by Dr. Gregory Schmidt. Women tend to be a little more self-conscious about their body image and outer appearance compared to men therefore being overweight makes many women hyperaware. In turn Being overweight causes many women to struggle not only physically but psychologically as well which can be just as harmful. The psychological effects can often cause someone to feel stuck or cause them to spiral and cause them to struggle even more physically or become even more overweight.

This top Tulsa weight loss facility recognizes that this kind of hyper awareness often causes someone to feel overly stressed which often leads to feelings of anxiety which can cause signs of depression. Whenever someone is feeling stressed or anxious more cortisol is released in the body. Cortisol often causes someone to crave high-fat or high sugar foods. As overweight women or individuals in general, live in a near constant state of stress often up stress eating due to the cortisol levels causing uncontrollable cravings. Often times the more weight we can the more stressed we become. Therefore it can feel like a never ending cycle for some who struggle with their weight.

Here at the top Tulsa weight loss program Dr. Schmidt will help lower your stress levels by giving you a plan that works for you. He has certain prescriptions he is able to prescribe patients in order to reduce these cravings and help get them under control. Get confident again! Many find that with getting healthy there mind improves as well. They have less stress and anxiety and they feel lighter and happier. You often look healthy when you feel healthy; you look good when you feel good. Be proud of your journey and accept yourself where you are at each day.

Instead of guessing and trying every diet on the market are every workout program available find a regimen that works for you. Let Dr. Schmidt create this new regimen and lead you to success. He has the training and science to do so. He will not let you down! Do not settle anymore for feeling tired sluggish or defeated. You deserve more than that. Enjoy the process of getting healthy by ending the cycle year in and starting a new one with Dr. Schmidt. Discover the best you at Woodland Hills Weight Loss here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Learn to refocus the energy you use being stressed or anxious into improving your health and lifestyle. Dr. Schmidt would love to assist you in this process. He is the greatest supporter and friend. Check out the reviews on Google to solidify the approval of his clients. To schedule an appointment you can call Woodland Hills Weight Loss clinic at 918-252-0555 or visit the clinic’s website for additional information about Dr. Schmidt’s practice and methods.