Dr. Gregory Schmidt joined the Tulsa weight loss business about 35 years ago. He has been studying women’s weight loss for decades. It has always intrigued him as he points out that women and men have different makeups and that affects everything of course but it also affects the way we lose weight or don’t lose weight. This intrigued Dr. Schmidt and he was determined to find answers for women. Women are so thankful for him today as he is help them improve not only their health but their self-esteem and body image as a whole.

As I mentioned 35 years ago Dr. Schmidt opened his own Tulsa weight loss clinic called Woodland Hills Weight Loss. Here, he meets with women who have all different needs and goals. It is his job to configure the best plan of action for each woman individually. We are all different. A plan that works for one individual could backfire or do the opposite for another one. That is why he is very careful in his work. As I said he is studied this for years and by now has mastered the science of understanding different hormone levels fat and muscle mass and so on.

To successfully help these Tulsa weight loss patients Dr. Schmidt combines different methods such as a healthy diet and exercise regimen and also prescription medication. Any Dr. says to eat healthier work out when you’re trying to work out those seem like the obvious answers but sometimes they are not enough. Dr. Schmidt understands this and looked further into additional options. He found that prescription weight management medications help many women to at least get on the right track. It also helps them see results may be a little quicker than they would without them which is what any woman wants.

There are so many diets today that promise fast results. For example we see advertisements everywhere like online social media magazines or on the TV but say do this and you will lose 10 pounds or take this and you will is 20 pounds or come work out at the specific gym because everyone there is fit so they must have the best program. None of these things are sustainable. For example a lot of the medications advertised say take this and the only spinach. Therefore is that the pill that’s going to make you lose 10 pounds or is it because eating Spinach? In the workout programs that people sign contracts for and up not following through said they are just paying for a membership they are not going to use.

Like I said so many weight loss methods today are not sustainable in the long run. Although Woodland Hills Weight Loss does not operate that way. Dr. Gregory Schmidt is not interested in your money he genuinely wants to help you succeed in being healthy being the best version of yourself. Therefore stop taking your over-the-counter weight loss products cancel the gym memberships you do not use. Get in touch with our clinic www.woodlandhillsweightloss.com or call 918-252-0555 to sign up today.

How Can You Get The Tulsa Weight Loss You Want?

Woodland Hills Weight Loss is dedicated to Tulsa weight loss. Dr. Gregory Schmidt uses his knowledge in medicine and science to create a successful program for each of his clients to follow. Each program is custom-made to fit and benefit that specific client. Many diets, exercise, or healthy lifestyle program all seem to run together today. They are all very similar in many ways and do they create long-term results or do they even work at all? Here at Woodland Hills Weight Loss there are promised results. There is truly no one in the business like Dr. Schmidt or who runs a program the way he does.

Many Tulsa weight loss programs find it is simpler to put each of their clients on the same regimen. They see it to be simpler when everyone is on the same schedule or diet or doing the same aerobics routine. Although a hard intensity workout may not be good for one person whereas Pilates men on benefits another person. The same way in all meat diet may be healthy for one person while it may malnourished another person. Everyone is made different so it is important to recognize that when it comes to diet and exercise.

When speaking of Tulsa weight loss, it is important to keep emphasizing that we are all made differently. Girls today get frustrated when they follow a model specific diet and workout routine religiously yet they still do not look like her. It is defeating making girls present their bodies which contributes to a negative body which leads to self-esteem issues which all drastically affect someone’s mood or mindset towards themselves and the world. As we know this can lead to how many other bad roads such as self-harm. Self-harm often in the form of eating disorders.

Some women well take drastic measures to look like the model they follow and when the models followed regimen does not produce the results they wanted they will take matters into their own hands; some will do whatever it takes to look like that event and that means they’re not healthy on the inside. They only care how they look on the outside. Although they may come to like their body on the outside as they fall into an eating disorder they will not be well or even happy on the inside as they are restricting their body and brain of the nutrients it needs to be healthy functioning human being.

Therefore it is important to just be your best self and be comfortable and confident with the body you have. A safe and healthy weight for one person is not a safe and healthy weight for another. The model I was talking about could eat pizza every day for all we know while the girl following her is restricting herself daily yet will never look exactly like her. This is yet another reminder that we are all made to be different and we should embrace that. Dr. Gregory Schmidt encourages health not weight loss specifically. If you need to lose weight in order to be healthier than he is ready and willing to help you. Visit www.woodlandhillsweightloss.com to read about our health program or call 918-252-0555.