Many Tulsa weight loss businesses such as gyms and diet program promote exercise and a healthy diet and do not find weight-loss medication necessary. The truth is they can all be used together to create effective weight loss. One without the other does not seem to work for many because they’re made to work together. People are more likely to reach their goals when weight-loss medication, healthy diet, and physical activity are used together in the right way.

People using Tulsa weight loss programs have seen this combination of these things work for them and it came for you too. A healthy diet with no exercise does not make someone healthy. Our bodies need physical activity. In contrast the same goes for physical activity. Focusing on exercise yet having an unhealthy diet does not make you healthy either. As for weight management medication, people hope they can take a pill a day while maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle and suddenly lose weight or become healthy.

A lot of Tulsa weight loss facilities relate being fit or skinny to being healthy without is not always the case. In fact people who exercise yet eat unhealthy are going to be unhealthy on the inside even though you may not be able to tell. On the other hand, people who dedicate their health to fitness yet have a poor diet in the sense of restriction are only hurting their body as well. Many people obsessed with exercise yet restrict their diet have or develop an eating disorder which is dangerous and harmful to one’s health.

Therefore just because one person looks overweight and another design does not mean you can tell who is healthier. It is important to combine eating and exercise to create the healthiest lifestyle for ourselves. Medications can help us do so in certain situations. For example prescribed medications may help an overweight person secretes their appetite and increase their energy so they are able to focus on healthy options rather than their cravings and have the motivation to exercise as well. Underweight people or people who struggle with eating disorders me need to take a pill that does the opposite. Instead of suppressing their appetite it increases their appetite helping them to get on a normal eating schedule and diet regimen.

Dr. Gregory Schmidt uses these three aspects diet exercise and medication together to help his patients attain the healthiest lifestyle for themselves. Weight-loss medication does not replace exercise or a healthy diet the same way healthy eating habits do not outweigh physical activity and vice versa. If you would like to join a program promotes all three of these is instead of just one you can visit Woodland Hills Weight Loss website at or call the stores number at 918-252-0555. Dr. Gregory Schmidt would love to help you on your journey to becoming the healthiest version of yourself by creating and teaching you a lifestyle you can stick to.

How Affordable Is This Tulsa Weight Loss?

Tulsa weight loss programs often cater to men and women both but not Woodland Hills Weight Loss. Dr. Gregory Schmidt started this program for 35 years ago wanting to work with women specifically. He strives for women to feel comfortable and respected in their weight loss journey which is exactly what he provides in his women’s only program here in Tulsa Oklahoma. His clinic is a space women can feel safe and confident and bond with other women who understand them. Women have different needs than men and overall, are made very differently. Therefore we will have different journeys different goals and different methods that will get us there.

At Woodland Hills Tulsa weight loss Dr. Schmidt recognizes this from a scientific standpoint. When it comes to Tulsa weight loss, Many women prefer Dr. Schmits women’s only program approach as they may feel insecure working alongside males during this trying time. Women’s weight loss journeys are often more emotional than men’s are in many of Dr. Schmidts patients love having the support of other women around them. They feel they can relate and understand one another.

At any Tulsa weight loss facility, men and women weight loss journey will be different for many reasons. First, we carry weight differently as well as in muscle mass differently. Typically men are able to maintain more muscle and less than women are. Men are able to build muscle easier than women. Although it is important that women work to gain muscle because when an individual loses weight you are also losing muscle not just fat. Testosterone is the main reason men are able to produce muscle easier whereas women produce estrogen. These hormones also cause our metabolism to differ which ultimately affects our weight.

It is harder for women to lose weight; Men tend to lose weight quicker than women but also could be related to our differing hormones. Programs consisting of men and women both may be discouraging to someone to see men having more drastic results than she is. Men and women also eat different when it comes to diet and portions. Men are more likely to choose options such as meat improved 10 whereas women are more drawn to fruits and vegetables that are. Different foods affect both men and women differently. Men also need more food than women do to maintain weight.

Many women get frustrated doing diet and exercise programs with men as they are eating more than them yet gaining more muscle and losing more weight. Although this is just science. Thus why Dr. Schmidt wanted to create a program focused on and dedicated to the way women lose weight. This program is effective because it is made to work with the science of a woman. Dr. Gregory Schmidt is ready to help you begin your journey to a better you. To get connected with the program you can submit your information on Woodland Hills Weight Loss website or call the Tulsa location to get signed up 918-252-0555.